Stephen’s Story

I came to WKU to take advantage of the 2+2 program in order to achieve my bachelor’s degree.  I had received my AAS from the KCTCS System the prior semester.  Because I took the majority of my classes online through the KCTCS system, and was successful doing so, I wanted to do the same thing to achieve my bachelor’s degree.  WKU was actually the only school I could find that was offering 100% online courses, as well as a major that interested me and followed suit with my Associates Degree.  Western’s Distance Learning has allowed me to remain in my home town, and keep my full-time job.  All whilst attaining my Bachelors in just 4 short semesters.  One of my goals in life was to achieve my BS, and after this semester I will have done just that.  Not only this but I will have done it in a discipline that interests me greatly, and I expect will further my professional value by great margins.  Finally, the Distance Learning option has taught me a great deal of knowledge which I will use in my profession, and I bolster the fact the CIT program in which I will be an Alumni is in the top 10 in the nation currently.  Thank you Distance Learning for everything, and if I get to the point in my life where I am considering Graduate School, WKU will be one of the first options that I consider!