Cynthia’s Story

My experience has been wonderful at WKU. My husband encouraged me to go to college, but life’s experiences have motivated me and prepared me to choose Social Work. I chose to study online for the convenience of saving money and also to care for my family, work full-time and provide care for my mother-in-law who has been a stroke survivor for 6 years. Online classes have provided the avenue for me to fulfill my goals of obtaining a Bachelor’s degree. I really enjoy how simple it is to use Blackboard and the professors I have had are amazing and so helpful. I would definitely encourage students to use the online avenue for gaining an education. I would advise students to make sure they are self-disciplined and eager. I have had to be very good at multi-tasking because I have a daughter that is 14 and needs attention, I work full-time, take care of a home, take care of my mother-in-law that lives with my husband and I, and I take care of my home and all the duties that go along with that, but I would not trade it for anything. I will not give up on my goal and that is to have a Bachelor’s in Social Work. A friend once told me that I can either be 43 with a degree or without, but I will still be 43. I feel my life is just beginning and I’m very excited to be a student at WKU.