Ceri’s Story

As a single mom, distance learning has been an amazing opportunity.  During my undergrad here in California I was fortunate to take some many distance learning courses offered for one of my majors.  Working full-time and being a full-time student was extremely difficult and whenever a distance learning course was offered I jumped at it.

I applied for graduate school at Western Kentucky because the graduate program was offered through distance learning. I was so excited to receive an acceptance from Western Kentucky University’s graduate school to become a speech language pathologist.  I love the flexibility of being there for my daughters while taking classes in my pajamas (sometimes 🙂 My girls like that I am home and I don’t have to spend 5 hours away from the house in order to take a 3 hour class on campus.

I recently met and became engaged after 12 years of being single.  My fiancé brought up the prospect of moving out of state.  With distance learning I have the continued flexibility of being home with my daughters while taking classes and I have flexibility to live anywhere and still complete my degree.

Finally, I had an amazing experience the other day.  I was not sure how to complete a project and when I emailed my professor, Janice Smith she quickly sent back and email invited me to call.  I called and received immediate instruction and help.  That was so awesome.  have never had this happen at an on campus college.  Thank you so much for hiring the most amazing and helpful teachers.   I wish I would have completed my undergrad here!

I also love the new interactive design where the teachers are teaching on line, live and we can interact with them.

Thank you Western Kentucky for being a leader in distance learning education!!!