Anna’s Story

Last Spring, I observed a classroom of English Language Learners at a local elementary school. It was fascinating watching the teacher teach them English without speaking their native language. That’s when I decided I wanted to study Teaching English as a Second Language. I talked to my advisor and learned that WKU has a great TESOL program, but I would not be able to graduate on time. Staying an extra semester was not an option for me, so I was very discouraged by the news. The next day, my advisor emailed me about an On Demand Distance Learning course that was available to take over the summer. He informed me that taking the course online would allow me to graduate on time! I was elated by the news, and immediately enrolled in the course. A year later, I have almost completed all of my TESOL courses, half of them being online. These online classes have allowed me to have time to work part time, be involved in clubs, and volunteer in the community! I love the flexible schedule that the distance learning courses have given me and I cannot wait to be teaching English as a second language!