Resources for Faculty & Advisors

Working with online student can be rewarding. We’ve heard countless stories from WKU faculty and staff who were pleasantly surprised by their first online teaching and/or advising experience, including many who felt that the online environment allowed them to get to know their students better than they may have otherwise.

We also know that whether you’re teaching online or advising distance learners, you are often the person’s lifeline to the university. This means you may find yourself providing instruction on student account set-up, library research, tech support and other support services. That’s why we’ve put together a handy guide of helpful tools that will connect your students to resources they need, when they need them.

  • The Online Math Lab is an extension of WKU’s on campus math lab, and provides tutoring to students in Math 109, 116, 117, and 183 via Adobe Connect Pro.
  • The Presentation Coaching Center, which is a run by Communication professor, Dr. Donna Scheiss, provides a unique opportunity for students to receive feedback on their delivery technique, structure/flow and transitions, along with helpful instructions for Mediasite setup, as well as troubleshooting suggestions. The purpose of the Center is to provide students with a secure location to practice and improve skills before submitting their final project. It is important to note that our presentation coaches do not evaluate content.
    Services are available for graduate and undergraduate students, as well as WKU alumni. They include:

    • Evaluation of the presentation
    • Suggestions for setting up and recording a video
    • Best practices for creating and delivering a presentation
    • FAQ for student issues with technology
  • The Online Writing Center, housed in the English Department, was designed with distance learners in mind, and is open to both graduate and undergraduate students.
    The Center can provide your students with the feedback they need in live real-time one-on-one meetings or through recorded tutorials. Live or recorded, specific feedback is given on the student’s paper. Tutors can help do the following:

    • Brainstorm ideas
    • Clarify main points
    • Strengthen logic and support
    • Integrate sources and credit them properly
    • Organize content
    • Fine-tune sentence style and more!
  • Research Tips and Library Navigation: The WKU Library has worked with us to set up instructional videos, a quick start guide for distance learners, and tips for finding articles and relevant websites.

The Student Resource Portal (SRP) provides one-click access to these tools and over 65 others. Best of all, it’s included in every Blackboard course shell as a default button, making it easy for you and your students to access. To learn more, visit the SRP at


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