We all have a story! Each of us have memories of those who impacted our lives, encouraged and inspired us – those who helped make us who we are today. We’ve overcome obstacles, juggled responsibilities, celebrated accomplishments and experienced failure.

Who are WKU’s Distance Learners? What’s their story?

Of course, we knew the basic demographic information of our distance learners and academic progress. We knew, based on research, that the typical adult learner returned to school to stay competitive in the job market or change careers; that they are faced with many challenges, including: rigid schedules, tight budgets, career and family responsibilities, but we wanted to know more. We reached out to WKU distance learners across the globe, and asked them to share. What we heard was inspirational, heartfelt and informative.

Feature stories are included below; more are available on our website.

Feature Stories

Lacey B.
“Distance Learning is the BEST decision I have made during my educational journey. I am currently completing my M.S. in Communication Sciences and Disorders. It is so convenient to be able to continue my education while also staying at home with my beautiful daughter and husband. It is much easier to have class at home in my pj’s than it would be to travel to class. I live two hours away from WKU, but I’m still getting a wonderful educational experience!”

Garnett C.
“Distance learning has changed not only my life, but also my family’s life. Without distance learning I could have never gone back to school to pursue first, my Bachelor of Science in Nursing, and now my Master’s in Nursing Administration. Because of distance learning I am able to provide a comfortable life for my family. I work full time and live in a rural area of Kentucky. Distance learning was the only option for me to be able to pursue my career goals. The ease and flexibility of online classes took the stress out of managing my many obligations of work, school, and family. I have enjoyed learning from other student’s perspectives through the discussion boards. The sense of accomplishment I have gained from my education is indescribable. My advice to anyone considering online education is to stop thinking about it and get started.”

Katharine Q.
kquince“I have wanted a graduate degree in Women’s Studies for over a decade, but there isn’t one offered where I live in Portland, Oregon. I was so excited to find the certificate offered online at WKU and to find that it was compatible with an MA program focused on social justice. The classes in both programs feel like they were tailor made to fit my interests and goals. Enrolling at WKU has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!”

Kellie S.
“My brother was the first to go to college and I followed in his footsteps, but it took me a lot longer to accomplish this goal. After joining the military I used my GI Bill to get back and finish my Bachelor’s. Then a move happened and I am not teaching right now. So I figured why not head back to school…so I did, and while I did this, I worked full time (still do), endured a deployment, raised 2 boys…well my list goes on and on. But it’s been tough and WKU has been there every step of the way. Having everything online at the touch of my fingertips is just what I need. Life is unpredictable. With that I can study on my terms, that’s normally when my boys are asleep or I have a few extra minutes to study. The online classrooms are at your own pace, but they are also challenging and provide me with everything I need. It’s easy and a joy to do. Online classes are going to be part of our future and WKU made that possible for me.”

Meet more WKU distance learners


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