We Need Your Input!

Keisha, WKU studentWhat you think is important to us! That’s why we decided to update the look and feel of the Student Resource Portal. Our goal in the redesign was simple – we wanted to make the portal more user friendly! The purpose of the portal is to provide one-click access to resources across campus – resources created to support distance learners! Here you’ll find access to Online Tutoring, the Online Writing Center, Career Services, Discounted Software, Library
Services and Technology Support, along with one section dedicated to Success Strategies, as well as links to Blackboard, the Testing Center, Scholarship Searches and more!

We want to hear from you! Now that we have the updated portal published, we would love to have input from those working from the user end of things – YOU! That’s why we decided to GIVE the FIRST 10 students to answer the following questions a FREE GIFT!

1. Did you find use of the portal intuitive? Was it easily navigated? Did it provide you with access
to the items you needed?
2. Do you have any suggestions for improvement? (reorganization, renaming of categories)
3. Do you feel any information is missing (or is unclear from the title)?

Once you have assessed the portal (www.wku.edu/online/srp), please email the answers to the questions listed above, plus any additional information you would like to include, to cindy.hawks@wku.edu along with your current mailing address so we can
put your piece of WKU in the mail!

Thank you for your assistance in making things better for all WKU Online students!


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