Tools For Online Learners

ToolsFinding the right tool can be essential to success when you’re studying online, which is why WKU Online compiled a list of helpful online tools, available at low or no cost, designed to help with collaboration, note taking, organization, research and coursework.

Have you found your own tools that have proved particularly helpful? If so, please let us know! We love hearing from you, and we are always looking for ways to improve the services we provide! Email us at


Google Drive – allows you to work as a group and ensures that you’re always working on the latest version of your project.

Join Me – provides an easy way to create public or private meetings for class projects and discussions.

Notemesh – is a comprehensive overview of course material that allows users to add to existing notes or start a new section.

Voicethread – is a multimedia tool that holds images, documents, and videos, and allows users to leave comments using voice, text, audio or video.


Evernote – a searchable note taking tool that provides support for text, images, audio, tagging, and syncing.

Reframe It – creates a space for comments in the right margin of any web page.

Springpad – a notetaking app that also comes with an integrated to-do list and calendar.


Todoist – a to-do-list that allows you to create projects and add tasks to them.

TreePad Lite – A searchable personal database that allows you to store your notes, emails, texts and hyperlinks in one place.

Wridea – allows you to store and organize your ideas.


Citation Help – Son of Citation Machine makes citing sources easy … and it’s free!

CiteuLike – allows you to store scholarly articles and search by keyword!

iCyte – save, annotate and organize all your research securely with iCyte.

WriteCheck – allows students to check their paper against sources and avoid plagiarism.


Office 365 University – WKU students can purchase a four-year subscription to Microsoft Office for $79.99 through the WKU Software Center.

WKU Online Writing Center – get video, audio and written feedback on writing assignments, brainstorm ideas, clarify main points and more!

WKU Online Tutoring – provides assistance in 250+ courses so you can receive the help you need from the comfort of your own space!

gDoc Fusion – combine documents into a single PDF with gDoc Fusion. Simply drag, drop, and voila! – provides access to a free online writing portfolio, and numerous writing tools.

Wordweb – access a thesaurus/dictionary, and find sets of related words in this 150,000 word database.

PDF Creator – a fast and easy way to create pdfs from almost any document type.

Zotero – collect your research in a single, searchable interface; add PDFs, images, audio, video, and snapshots of web pages.

Didn’t find what you were looking for? Try Bamboo DiRT – a collection registry of digital research tools for scholarly work.


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